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   Welcome to my page Kadaffe. On this  site you can talk using four languages”: Belorussian, Polish, Russian and English. Why I decided to create such forum? I did it for the purpose of uniting people of different nationalities, to help everybody to find what they need. One cold autumn evening, when  there was no wish to go outside, one interesting idea occurred to me. “Why dont create  such page where people will have a good sensation without discomfort and language barrier”. Always there are persons who can helps you to translate on languages enumerated higher. From my part I tried to do everything to create frendly atmosphere, now everything depends on you...

I want to tell few words about myself.. At this moment I live in great polish city – Krakow (you can watch the photos in our galery). I study in this city on  faculty of information science.
Im not polish man. I  came from Bielorussia and I count it like my motherland (its my motherland). In future everybody  everybody will have possibility to meet me personaly, what wiil be a huge joy for me, and to know more about everything .
I want also to thank  kindly  persons who helped  me  in creating this site, and we are still working in team. This site created by  The69thAngel, CoNца, Moskwa. I hope that  while you are reading these words of gratitude, the smile will appear on your face, what can make pleasure for me and my friends.
JOIN US ! ! ! Prove  us that the aphorism about lazy human who always just going to start something in not connected with you.
I hope that our creative wont go to waste and you will appreciate at its true value.
butlonesThat is all what I wanted to tell you about myself and my project.  I wish you only pleasures at the way of the life!

P.S. Life has only sense when we can change it into creative.

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